Since 2007, Zonup Technologies has been providing custom software development to enterprises all over the world, improving efficiency and boosting productivity.



Whether you are looking for talent management, courseware creation, or online meetings, we have relationships with top-tier partners that can lend a hand.

Why "Zonup"?

Zonup provides collaborative marketing strategies with its partners to facilitate the branding and business development efforts of both parties.
Our competitive pricing, combined with professional services and solutions, enables our partners to build profitable relationships with their clients.
Zonup is committed to providing partners with technical and non-technical assistance as they promote and sell our solutions.
We showcase your business and offerings on our website to provide you greater web presence.
By being our front-end partner, you ensure the maximization of success for your customers.
At Zonup Technologies our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing and feature-rich websites and mobile applications. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of creative and technical excellence. Every client, regardless of the size or scope of project, can expect nothing but the best customer service and professionalism from the experienced, dedicated and talented staff at Zonup Technologies.

Our Philosophy

Our front-end partners are software application service providers (ASP), sales and service companies and consultants that view Zonup offerings as strategy to the success of their business. The front-end partner program offers significant benefits and opportunities to individuals or companies enrolling in the same. Authorized partners seeks to promote Zonup’s specialized services to their current and future customers.

Zonup believes that way to march ahead is by having reliable and enterprising partners both in the technology and business development domains. Our current business partners are located in Germany, USA and UK. Zonup is looking to enhance its partner portfolio and is actively looking for partners.

The program enables our front-end partners’ to deliver complete software solutions and services to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Zonup is devoted to continually providing our partners with resources and materials for business development, marketing, sales, technical support, training and education. Our program allows solution providers, professional services organizations, software resellers, and software manufacturers to provide scalable, end-to-end solutions to meet their customers’ requirements.


Why is it special?

Enterprise Solutions
Customized Application
Enterprise software applications have been the cornerstone of business proliferation of computers
Web Design and Development
Responsive Design
Our skilled developers use wide range of technologies to build any kind of custom online applications.
Mobile App Development
Digital Marketing
In today’s world every business requires Mobile App Development.

Richest Source of Information Technology

Why "Zonup"?

Zonup enables outcomes for customers through its autonomic and cognitive solutions. Our team has a complete understanding of how to leverage those technologies for business benefit. Our “virtual engineers and agents” can be scaled at no extra cost to meet any required business volume. They deliver high performance and predictable service every day.
Zonup delivers consistent Total Cost of Ownership reductions averaging over 30 percent. Zonup ensures that its service costs to customers are stable and delivered at a flat monthly recurring value with little to no variable component. Unlike labor-linked models that may fluctuate based on wage escalation and the cost of benefits associated with attracting and retaining staff, Zonup’s service-based approach provides customers with stable internal costs throughout the term of the engagement.
Zonup offers a number of different pricing models. For IT operations these include a fixed monthly fee for specified infrastructure, Customized tiered pricing, or utility models of pricing (per port pricing) for specialized infrastructure such as IP Telephony. We offer flexibility, predictable expenditure, and the ability to reduce capital risk associated with large purchases. zonup offers all these models to support infrastructure both in customer data centers or hosted in co-located facilities.
Zonup is a company founded by a mathematician and based on mathematics. We scientifically measure our successes and offer industry leading mean times to respond of < 6 minutes average on all service transactions. We enforce strict service level agreements with meaningful financial penalties.
Manual processes are prone to human error. Even reasonably redundant manual tasks suffer an error rate approaching 10 percent. The automated error rate is near 0 percent. Most organizations’ measures of quality of service delivery are highly subjective and focus on measuring only the output of the service delivery process, not the contributing inputs. zonup constantly tunes every aspect of the inputs to ensure highly consistent outputs. Zonup’s services enable clients to improve quality of service to their customers by more than 50 percent in quantifiable categories.


We are not a sales and marketing machine. We believe that enterprise software should help our clients reach their highest potential.

Highly Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Our IT infrastructure solution allows customers to detect problems before they become outages. Customers receive comprehensive monitoring information covering more than 10,000 possible characteristics vital to their infrastructure.

Improved Ability to Scale

With zonup powering infrastructure management or business operations, customers can scale far more efficiently — service delivery scaling is increasingly decoupled from human resource scaling factors.

Total Transparency

We provide full transparency into IT operations through IPcenter, our consolidated management portal. IPcenter provides a real-time, full view of all IT management functions. Our customers are then able to pinpoint direct links between operations and business activities and so make informed decisions about what changes are requires to drive business advantage.



Performance Driven Outcome Focused


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